Our Faculty

Prof. KANEKO Hitoshi

Professor, Psychological Support and Research Center for Human Development, Nagoya University

I am a professor at the Nagoya University Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development, and I specialise in clinical psychology. I am affiliated with Nagoya University Graduate School of Education and Human Development, and I have provided lectures and seminars regarding clinical practice for training candidates for the role of clinical psychologist. My research has focused on identification of psychosocial risk factors for mental health problems among pregnant and postnatal mothers, especially the emotional bonding disturbances between mother and infant. My second focus is the cross-cultural study of mental health problems among adolescents. I have worked as an original member of the Eurasian Child and Adolescent Mental Health Study group (ECAMHS), an international collaboration study group started in 2016, now renamed the Global Child and Adolescent Mental Health Study group (GCAMHS), and consisting of approximately 20 countries worldwide.

Recent Main Publications

  1. Nakano, M., Sourander, A., Luntamo, T., Chudal, R., Skokauskas, N., & Kaneko, H. (2020). Early risk factors for postpartum depression: A longitudinal Japanese population -based study. Journal of Affective Disorders, 269, 148-153.
  2. Upadhyaya, S., Chudal, R., Luntamo, T., Sinkkonen, J., Hinkka-Yli-Salomaki, S., Kaneko, H., & Sourander, A. (2019). Parental Risk Factors among Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder Referred to Specialized Services: A Nationwide Population-Based Study. Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 50(4), 546-556.
  3. Nakano M, Upadhyaya S, Chudal R, Skokauskas N, Luntamo T, Sourander A, Kaneko H. (2019). Risk factors for impaired maternal bonding when infants are 3 months old: a longitudinal population based study from Japan. BMC Psychiatry, 19, 87.
  4. Maezono J, Hamada S, Sillanmäki L, Kaneko H, Ogura M, Lempinen L, Sourander A. (2019). Cross-cultural, population-based study on adolescent body image and eating distress in Japan and Finland. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 60(1), 67-76.
  5. Hamada, S., Kaneko, H., Ogura, M., Yamawaki, A., Maezono, J., Sillanmäki, L., Sourander, A., & Honjo, S. (2018). Association Between Bullying Behavior, School Safety, and Self-Cutting: A Japanese Population-Based School Survey. Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 23(3), 141-147.