Information for Prospective International Students

Applying for Scholarships from the Japanese Government (Monbugakusho)

Japanese Government Scholarship System

For persons passing primary screening

Persons requiring a Letter of Informal Acceptance from a requested faculty member must send items 1 to 3 by email.
Regarding 1 and 2, make a PDF of your submission to the embassy and send it to us.

  1. Application for Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho)
  2. Field of Study and Study Program
  3. Passing Certificate of the Primary Screening
  4. Name of requested academic advisor

Refer to

Entrance to undergraduate school

Refer to the following website.

Entrance to graduate school

Refer to the following website.

After entrance

Nagoya University as many services available to support university life of international students through the Education & International Affairs Department,Student Exchange Division and Global Engagement Center for International Students.

  • Japanese Language Programs: at the Global Engagement Center for International Students there is information for Japanese language studies supporting various levels and contents to supply Japanese language skills and acquisition required for research and studies at the university as well as eduction to assist in understanding of Japanese culture.
  • Tutors: Individual tutors are provided to international students by graduate students for the first year after arriving in Japan (2 years for undergraduate students). Your tutor can provide advice related to studies, research and life in Japan.
  • Housing: Nagoya University has many types of Nagoya University Dormitories available as housing for international students primarily for students new to Japan that will stay for 6 months to 1 year.
  • Exchange programs: Nagoya University provides programs for foreign-Japanese student exchanges and local society exchanges in order to promote internationalization of the university and the region.

We recommend that you perform the following preparation after your entrance to the university has been confirmed and before you come to Japan.

  • Japanese language studies: There is no such thing as too much language study before you come. Try to memorize as many words as possible and practice listening skills.
  • Acquisition of knowledge about Japanese culture and society: Take note of cultural and social differences between Japan and your home country. By preparing in advance, you can lessen the effects of culture shock when you arrive.
  • Preparing funds for foreign studies: You will need a lot of money after you arrive in Japan. Please prepare money sufficient for a comfortable student lifestyle without depending on tuition exemptions, scholarships or part-time jobs.
  • Study in a specific field: Study knowledge about your field of specialty as much as possible. You will be expected to perform independent research at a graduate level. It will serve your studies to become well read in related literature and theses.
  • Prepare for living alone: There are many difficulties that face those that live alone overseas. If you have never lived by yourself, make sure you are able to perform necessary chores independently.