Information for International Students

Handbook for International Students

Information about daily life, status of residence, and other information and procedures required by international students can be found in this handbook.

International Student Bulletin Board

All kinds of information are posted on the bulletin board including notices from the office or international student consultation office, various kinds of events, employment information, housing information, and scholarship information. Some of the notices are important. Please check the bulletin board everyday if you can.

Persons considering studies abroad from Nagoya University

The Nagoya University Global Engagement Center supplies a wide assortment of information and support.

Requests for international students at Nagoya University

When returning to your home country during break or taking a trip overseas:

If you have decided to leave Japan during your course of study, please go to the Overseas Travel Database (link below) and fill in the form. After filling in the form, print it out and have your academic advisor affix their personal seal (alternatively, the instructor in charge of international students for students without an academic advisor) and submit the completed form to the Arts and Humanities Academic Affairs International Student Counter.

When changing your address or phone number

Notify the Arts and Humanities Academic Affairs International Student Counter.

Training and registration at the University

Please take a lesson each year regarding self-inspection of information security.
Register your mail address with the safety confirmation system.

Renewing your status of residence

When renewing your status of residence or passport, check your expiry date and make sure you don’t forget to renew before the expiry. Make sure to prepare in advance whether you are able to renew your status of residence.