Graduate Program

Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Breaking Fresh Ground in the Sciences of Lifelong Human Development

Modern society has experienced dramatic changes due to internationalization, the development of information technology, and the rapid aging of the population. Within the context of societal change, it is important to recognize academic issues and themes pertaining to these changes, and to nurture graduates who have acquired the independence and imagination necessary to actively pave the way to the new age. Societal demand for the academic disciplines of education and human development sciences has been growing, and in response to this demand, the Graduate School of Education and Human Development is actively engaged in research and education, which are seen to promote a global perspective and deep human understanding.
Our Graduate School was founded on the major fields of educational science and psychological and human developmental sciences. Both of these areas have masters and doctoral programs. Our School has trained many talented individuals, and some 60% of our former graduate students have become academic faculty at institutions of higher education.
An advanced level professional training program was established and initiated in 2000, including educational programs for researchers and university staff. This program consists of three areas: lifelong learning, human psychology, and counseling and psychotherapy. This program offers working people specialized and practical education, and the opportunity to brush up on their professional skills. It is also aimed at cultivating the talents of individuals who are actively involved in a variety of educational and academic environments, industries and the business world, as well as in the clinical fields.
The Educational Leadership and Management Program (Ed.D. program) was also established in 2006.
Our School is committed to the search for wisdom and enlightenment in the increasingly complex society of the 21st century, and for this purpose, we have established outstanding educational programs for researchers and educators. Consistent with Japanese efforts to improve its institutions of higher education, we strive to provide society with unique educational opportunities, while at the same time, we aim to contribute to the academic community by advancing research in educational and human developmental sciences.

Department of Educational Sciences

  • Lifelong Education and Development
  • School Education and Information Sciences
  • Foundations of Education and Human Development
  • Higher Education
  • Sport and Exercise Science

Department of Psychology and Human Developmental Sciences

  • Psychological Sciences
  • Human Development and Clinical Psychology
  • Sport Behavioral Science