Questions before entrance

I want to enter the school as a research student, but do I need the consent of a faculty member in advance?

The School of Education does not require advance consent of a faculty member for self-funded prospective research students. Prospective research students may submit the application form and have it inspected.

Can you give me the contact information for a faculty member?

We are unable to provide contact information of faculty members. Some faculty members have made their contact email addresses public on websites.

How can I tell if I am qualified to enter the graduate school.

The judgment may take place on an individual basis. Please contact us.

Can I apply for graduate school entrance examination and as a research student at the same time?


Can I receive a copy of previous entrance examination questions?

They are available on the page below

Please note that some parts are removed due to intellectual property rights.
You may also browse them at the Arts and Humanities Academic Affairs counter. Note that you will be unable to make copies or take photographs thereof.

Is there a scholarship I can receive before admission?

In Japan there are few scholarships that can be received before admission, and none available through Nagoya University. You can receive information about scholarships after admission from businesses, municipalities or national funding. Currently there are few scholarships for irregular students such as research students.

Post-admission studies and research

After admission, are there opportunities for me to study Japanese?

Yes. At the Global Engagement Center there is information for Japanese language studies supporting various levels and contents to supply Japanese language skills and acquisition required for research and studies at the university as well as eduction to assist in understanding of Japanese culture.

After admission, what services are available to support my lifestyle and research.

Individual tutors are provided to international students by graduate students for the first year after arriving in Japan (2 years for undergraduate students). Your tutor can provide advice related to studies, research and life in Japan.

Post-admission living

Does the university have a dormitory?

Nagoya University has many types of Nagoya University Dormitories available as housing for international students primarily for students new to Japan that will stay for 6 months to 1 year.

How much money do I need to live in Nagoya?

On average, you probably need about 120,000 yen per month. You may also need larger amount in short periods of time, such as for payment of tuition.

How do I renew my status of residence?

You can renew your status of residence within three months of the last day of your current period of residence.
For more details, refer to page 12 of the Handbook for International Students.

What do I need to know if I want to bring my family to stay with me in Japan from overseas?

If you are married, there are cases where it is possible to have your family come after you have settled into your life and studies. Your spouse and children must obtain a dependent family status of residence. The quickest method is for the international student to go to the Nagoya Immigration Bureau and apply in proxy for the family to have the family’s Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence issued. For more details, refer to page 13 of the Handbook for International Students.

Questions from Japanese students

Can I be a tutor for an international student?

Many international student tutors are chosen by academic advisors. Occasionally the International Student Advising Office is looking for a tutor if no one appropriate was recommended. If you are interested in being a tutor, please contact the International Student Advising Office.

How can I meet international students?

The Global Engagement Center provides various programs for international exchange. Please see the link below.