Our Faculty

Prof. NAGATA Masako

Clinical Psychologist / NBAS trainer
Nagoya University graduate school / Master of Education
Psychological Development & Family Division, Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development

One of the principal themes in my clinical activities is to support mothers and their children. I have been involved in the mother-child supporting activities in various clinical fields, especially in the field of perinatal period. More specifically, through the clinical activities mainly in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), I have sought better methods for supporting the families whose babies (including babies-to-be) have some risk factors. Further, I have continued the activities of early childhood intervention to support children with some problems of developmental imbalance such as mild developmental disorders or some other risks in development and investigated what the support for their families should be. I intend to further research the progress of parent-to-child relationship and investigate how to support the families by observing both of the processes on how the parents establish ties with their babies and how the babies communicate with their surroundings through the stages of development.

The main writing

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